Constellation’s breakthrough M2 Sustainability Model

Constellation has developed a breakthrough tool for gauging corporate sustainability with its M2 (Maturity and Momentum) model that builds on critical elements of the management literature on the drivers of corporate marketplace success including capabilities for strategic vision and execution, the capacity to gauge and deliver intangible value, and continuous improvement and business model transformation. Constellation’s approach centers on a proprietary framework for assessing: (1) an organization’s progress up the Maturity curve required to address sustainability challenges and (2) the company’s Momentum toward the transformation required to succeed in a marketplace where attention to sustainability challenges will increasingly determine corporate success. 


Analytically Rigorous Underpinnings

Constellation’s ESG leadership builds on the cutting-edge research, analytic insights, and marketplace experience of a team of sustainability experts who have a decades-long track record of producing breakthroughs in various dimensions of corporate sustainability.

Global 250 Greenhouse Gas Emitters: A New Business Logic

David Lubin, John Moorhead, and Tim Nixon

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Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage
Dan Esty and Andrew Winston

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Harvard Business Review: The Sustainability Imperative
David Lubin and Daniel Esty

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Bridging the Sustainability Gap, MIT Sloan Management Review
David Lubin and Daniel Esty

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The Value Driver Model: A Tool For Communicating The Business Value Of Sustainability, A PRI-UN Global Compact LEAD collaboration on creating long-term value
David Lubin and Cary Krosinsky

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IFC World Bank.PNG

IFC and the World Bank Group: Assessing and Unlocking the Value of Emerging Markets Sustainability Indices
David Lubin, Daniel Esty, Sandra Lauterbach, Deborah Miller, Yamama Raza, and John Masland

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Journal of Environmental Investing, Vol. 8, No.1 (2017)
Edited by Cary Krosinsky with special guest editors Dan Esty and Todd Cort

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Remaking the Foundations for Sustainable Investing

Our data model foundation is based on the decades of leading theory and best practice for assessing corporate management capabilities regarding key processes such as quality, technology, and globalization. The approach, based on Maturity Curve Modeling, has been used by management teams around the world to assess and improve their core competencies. Constellation’s Principals lead the world in applying these concepts in their seminal Harvard Business Review publication, The Sustainability Imperative, and the bestselling book Green to Gold.

Our approach enables assessments that are dynamic and forward-looking, more in line with the needs of mainstream investors, providing a method of assessing not just where companies have been, but where they are headed regarding the effectiveness of the execution of their sustainability strategies. This “Momentum” view of progress on key capability building has been a missing element in previous work and brings “Sustainability Ratings” more in line with other key financial indicators of business outlook.

Our assessment methods and ratings link a firm’s evolving management capabilities to the potential business value they create. This value centric approach represents a more balanced model for gauging risk mititgation as well as opportunity for creating competitive advantage with sustainability strategy. This approach was pioneered by Constellation’s Principals in their Sloan Management Review, Bridging the Sustainability Gap, and has been promoted by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) as effective means of communicating the business value of sustainability to investors, analysts, and other key stakeholders.