Our Mission

Provide differentiated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analytics and advice that enables investors to better integrate sustainability factors into investment processes and portfolio design.


Our Team

Former Head of the Investment Management Division
at Lehman Brothers and CEO of Arura Bank FSB and
CRT Capital

World-renowned corporate sustainability strategist and Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, Yale Law School & School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Co-Founder & Managing Director of Renaissance Solutions – developer of the balanced scorecard; serial entrepreneur

Leading data scientist, Director of Graduate Studies, and Professor of Statistics and Data Science at Yale University

Co-Founder and Director at Real Impact Tracker, Carbon Tracker, and Investor Watch

Combined relevant experience of 175 years with deep expertise and thought leadership

Company level ESG ratings from different rating agencies show low correlation due to differences in their methodologies. As a result, investors must reconcile these differences for themselves…
— An Evolution in ESG Indexing; BlackRock (2018)
Investors should not treat ESG scores as settled facts to be used on their own, but as potentially worthwhile analysis that needs to be understood before being acted on…
— Is Tesla or Exxon More Sustainable? It Depends Whom You Ask; The Wall Street Journal (2018)